Thursday, March 29, 2012 is some amazing stuff.

Here I am at work and about to leave for a someplace I have never been. I have a bunch of options, use Google Maps on my phone, look it up on my computer at work, or use a GPS if it is in my car.

Or try out  Now I know you are thinking that those above options are fine and they are but Scout is pretty damm cool stuff.

Basically on the website you can find place and activities and then click Navigate -> Send to Phone and enter your phone number.  A txt message is sent to the number with a link. This link take you to a fully voice guided GPS system that runs entirely in your phones browser.

I actually did this last night on my way to Bowling and although it didn't take me exactly my normal route it worked remarkably well.  The on screen map tracked my progress even through the Big Dig tunnel (Where my normal GPS normally gives up). At one point it did seem a little behind I think because of my connection speed.

I think they also have an iPhone App version as well, but it is pretty amazing accomplishment to build using just what is available in a browser.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

iOS 5.1 Upgrade broke the setting shortcuts!

I upgraded my iPhone this week to iOS 5.1 and suddenly the shortcuts I had to the Wifi and Bluetooth Configuration pages are not longer working.

One had added one of them myself using the Apple Profile tool and I also added one using Jeff Broderick's site. I tried using the profile tool to re-add the one I did that way and it still didn't work.

I checked out Jeff's site and he's got up a warning message about Apple disabling the prefs urls.

Why Apple?  I can think of no good reason for taking away this functionality.  It was really useful to be able to turn on and off blue-tooth which I only use when I am in the car.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for a iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

My iPhone 4 battery just doesn't hold that much of a charge anymore. I basically charge it every day but several times I have been caught with a complete dead batter unexpectedly.  I think it is time to replace the battery. I already done a number of iPhone repairs so I have most of the tools already.

So far I have done the following repairs:
  • Replaced the screen and digitizer on my iPhone 3G
  • Replaced the battery on my iPhone 3G
  • Replaced the mute switch in the iPhone 3G
  • Replaced the back glass cover on my iPhone 4
The iPhone 4 back glass was actually the easiest of all those projects. it basically involved purchasing the part from Amazon and two screws. The others involved a lot more screws and really really tiny screws at that. The mute switch on the 3G was probably the hardest and involved removing about 15 screws and various cables and connectors. I think the battery for the 4 will be a breeze and for 5 or 10 dollars I will have another year or so of reasonable battery life. 10$ is also a small price to pay when you break your screen and don't have insurance and might need to buy a new phone.

Below are some examples of the parts I've purchased from Amazon. Sometimes they come with all the tools you need, but not always. I usually buy the kit with the tools as it adds only a couple bucks to the price. After that you can watch the videos or step by steps of the repairs online. 


I've heard there are lots of small brick and mortar iPhone repair shops popping up in various cities. They tend to charge between 20-40$ for these kinds of repairs which isn't really very expensive. They probably get these parts cheaper in bulk but still probably only make 20-35$ per repair, each of my repairs took me under an hour but if you did a lot of them I could doing 3 to 5 repairs in an hour which wouldn't be too bad of an income.